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15-18 JUNE 2020

attendees, 70+ speakers, 500+ fintech companies from 60+ countries

Businesses must think digital to survive the cr...

Kadeem Clarke is a finance professional, entrepreneur, and blockchain expert assisting firms with...

Fintech Week Lithuania goes online

Fintech Inn, the largest Fintech conference in the region, has been postponed to 28-29 April 2021...


Rugilė Stonytė

Senior Investment Advisor for Fintech at Invest Lithuania

Rugilė Stonytė

Rugilė is a senior Investment Advisor for Fintech at Invest Lithuania.

She specialises in the global fintech markets and advises international fintech clients on scaling and licensing in Europe. Rugile is focused on helping fintechs to discover business opportunities in Lithuania and is committed to ensuring that they have the best business infrastructure for their operations. She has worked with companies from the United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, and China, helping them build their European operations by leveraging Lithuania’s talent pool, infrastructure, and regulatory environment.

Prior to joining Invest Lithuania, Rugilė worked in financial M&A advisory services. She holds a BSc in Corporate Finance from Manchester Business School and a Master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Rotterdam School of Management.

Dovilė Grigienė

CEO at “Swedbank” Lietuvoje

Dovilė Grigienė

Dovilė Grigienė has 19 years of experience in financial sector in both the USA and Lithuania. The start of her career begins in the USA, where she graduated from Concordia University in Wisconsin gaining MBA in Finance and MIS. After getting financial licenses in the USA and working for several years as a Head of Department, she came back to continue her work in Lithuania in 2007. After a successful Wealth Management Department Director position in “Finasta” she joined “Swedbank” in 2013 as a Head of Private Banking. The very same year she became CEO at “Swedbank” Lietuvoje. Being a successful business woman, Dovilė Grigienė is also one of the founders of “Leader” organization, which promotes women leadership and equal rights.

Jonė Vaitulevičiūtė

Partner @ Startup Wise Guys Lithuania

Jonė Vaitulevičiūtė

Jonė Vaitulevičiūtė is a Partner at Startup Wise Guys, a leading B2B startup accelerator in Europe, that has invested in over 185 startups in the past 8 years. Jonė has over 8 years of experience working directly with early-stage companies both in consulting and as an investment fund manager. She has been helping them to evaluate market and tech potential, do market validation, setup initial sales and build the team. She is experienced in securing funding for startups and is currently managing a pre-seed and seed fund that invests into early-stage startups.

Joseph Weinberg

Special Advisor at OECD & FATF

Joseph Weinberg

Joseph Weinberg is an expert in compliance and Anti Money Laundering what concerns digital currencies and their effects on the financial ecosystem. He serves as an advisor to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Financial Action Task Force (FATF), governments and regulatory bodies globally. Through his work at the OECD, Joseph is helping draft global policies for the G7 and G20 councils.  He has written regulations in countries including Australia, Bermuda, Mauritius, and is working with select African countries. Joseph is a co-founder of Shyft and founder and the CEO of Paycase, and is a well known personality in the digital currency world. 

Kadeem Clarke

Investment Manager at MarketX Ventures

Kadeem Clarke

Kadeem Clarke is a finance professional, entrepreneur, and blockchain expert assisting firms with investments into emerging markets, emerging industries, and top startups at every stage 

As a first generation American and college student, Kadeem received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administraion with a concentration in Finance from Boston University in May 2018. 

Following graduation, Kadeem worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch before starting a private investing career as Investment Manager at 8 Decimal Capital, a venture capital firm investing in blockchain companies 

Currently, Kadeem is Investment Manager at MarketX Ventures, an investment firm facilitating family office, venture capital, and UHNWI investment into global private tech companies. Additionally, Kadeem founded a consulting firm named Clarke Global Marketing (CGM). CGM serves both global startups in emerging industries (i.e. blockchain FinTech, cannabis) and SMEs in traditional industries (i.e haircare and restaurants). The firm’s consulting services include investor relations, digital marketing, business development and markets. Over the course of three years, CGM has served over 15 clients in 4 continents. On his downtime, Kadeem is also active in his family businesses, mainly their Jamaican restaurants located in Brooklyn Island Cz Cafe and Seas Lounge. 

Gytenis Galkis

Partner & Licensed Unicorn Hunter at 70 Ventures

Gytenis Galkis

Gytenis is investing and helping B2B companies grow. Previously has been involved with angel investing and founded Lithuanian Business Angel Network (LitBAN), other experience from banking and own start-ups.

Vilius Šapoka

Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania

Vilius Šapoka

On 13 December 2016, Mr. Vilius ŠAPOKA was appointed as Minister of Finance following the decision by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. Mr. ŠAPOKA also became Governor of the European Investment Bank for the Republic of Lithuania. Before his appointment as Minister of Finance, Mr ŠAPOKA held the position of Director of the Financial Services and Markets Department, Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania. He served as Vice-Chairman, Chairman and Commissioner for the Lithuanian Securities Commission from 2006 to 2012. Mr. ŠAPOKA held various positions in the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania from 2002 to 2006 including Deputy Unit Head, Chief Specialist and Senior Specialist. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. ŠAPOKA worked as Analyst and Head of Client Service Division for the Lithuanian Savings Bank. Mr. ŠAPOKA holds a Master of Economics in Banking from the Vilnius University and an International Executive Master of Business Administration from the Baltic Management Institute.

fintech companies


Fintech Week Lithuania is a global virtual fintech conference that will be broadcasted in a virtual studio format, featuring a unique virtual expo, as well as a virtual B2B area for online business meetings. Fintech Week Lithuania is the online sibling of the famous Fintech Inn conference – the biggest fintech event in the region that takes place annually in Lithuania, which has been postponed to April 28-29 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over a period of 4 days, Fintech Week Lithuania will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview and insights of the areas such as global payments, blockchain, lending, finance and banking technology.

Fintech experts, startups, venture capitalists, regulators, and other market participants will take part in keynotes and panel discussions to address the most topical issues of the industry. Experts from across the globe will get together to dig deeper into crucial issues related to neobanks, e-commerce, cybersecurity, data, digital assets and the financing landscape, among others.

Additionally, a number of Lithuanian fintech companies selected based on their business cases will participate in a competition, culminating in the Lithuanian Fintech Awards.

As well as the speaker sessions, Fintech Week Lithuania also invites attendees to participate in a virtual expo, a workshop and attend presentations that will be delivered by the fintech startups in the Fintech Startup Pitch Battle.

The four-day virtual event is free of charge for all participants and 30 selected exhibitors.

Organised by

Fintech Week Lithuania agenda (GMT+3)


ASIA Focus

Panel: Global E-commerce in 2020 and after

Panel: SME and Microloans: Enabling the recovery

Panel: Has COVID-1 fast forwarded digitalization and helped to reach unbanked?

Panel: Has the crisis helped companies shift from being product-centric to customer-centric, are they ready for the consumer of 2021?

Panel: Programmable digital Euro

Workshop for startups



Fintech Pitch Battle

Panel: Fintech Pitch-jury reflection

Fintech Pitch: Wrap up

Panel: The most exciting Covid-19 crisis innovations that will shape the future of fintech

Panel: AML&KYC-the New King?

Panel: Driving the Future of Sustainable Finance

Panel: Cybersecurity: increased risks in the current environment

Panel: Scaling your fintech in the times of crisis: Mission (im)possible?


USA Focus


You will have an opportunity to meet regulators from the Bank of Lithuania and other institutions/companies. This is an exclusive opportunity to find out more about the fintech ecosystem in Lithuania, present your country or company, meet other country representatives of fintech, enjoy city tours, network and many more.

Fintech Pitch Battle

Panel: Fintech Pitch-jury reflection

Fintech Pitch: Wrap up

Panel: How Lithuania has become a major fintech hub?

Panel: Surviving the crisis: best practises and tips for startups

Panel: Entering new market: expansion, acquisitions or partnerships?

Panel: New valuations: fundraising and business financing during and after the COVID-19 crisis



USA Focus

Panel: The impact of Covid crisis to the global economy & fintech-What the future holds?

Fireside Chat: Neobanks vs incumbents: agility and customer acquisition-who won, who lost?

Panel: Who leads innovation: Banking-as-a-service or customer-facing Fintechs?

Panel: Customer onboarding after the crisis: AML&Compliance challenges and opportunities

Keynote: Owning your data


Fintech Week Lithuania perks

Lithuanian Fintech Awards

Lithuanian Fintech Awards aims to recognize vibrant Lithuanian fintech ecosystem players that have made outstanding contributions to the country’s financial technologies industry, and are positioned to make a significant impact in the future.

Organized for the first time, Lithuanian Fintech Awards are open in 10 different categories, designed to celebrate the industry’s achievements and successes of the country’s best and brightest. A range of categories covering key disciplines is offering Lithuanian registered organizations the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments.


Virtual B2B Meetings

One of the most valuable takeaways from any conference is the new relationships and contacts made through networking.
Fintech Week Lithuania will be conducted on the Onvent platform, used by the Global Mobility Forum, among others. Just like during a traditional event, participants will be able to network and discuss business through the Onvent B2B meeting solution: live private chats and video calls.

Lithuanian Fintech Awards
Fintech Startup Pitch Battle
Virtual B2B meetings

Fintech Startup Pitch Battle

Every crisis creates opportunities. We know that the fintech
community is capable of thinking outside the box and finding
innovative solutions. These uncertain times demand solid,
valuable ideas more than ever.

Fintech Week Lithuania invites your startup to the Fintech Pitch
Battle, where you and your team can present ideas and solutions.
Winning teams will be provided access to consulting, discussions
about funding opportunities and invitations to World’s leading

The winners will be announced in the following categories:

  • Fantastic pivot
  • Growth during crisis
  • Winning partnership
  • New markets

Workshop | Fintech trends: what are VCs looking at right now?

Not much of an intro is needed, the World is different today. You might have thought that fundraising is something easily approachable, but according to CB Insights, the first quarter of 2020 was one of the worst for VC-backed fintechs in two years as the economic impact of COVID-19 has dampened investor appetite for fintech. This change has been as a result of investors – looking for security in the current climate – reneging on early-stage investments so that they can instead focus on strengthening existing portfolios.

Keeping this in mind, there are many open questions for fintechs – to fundraise or not to fundraise, which fintech VCs to approach, what VCs are looking for right now, are fintech VCs even considering new investments or are they on lockdown too? While the list of active investors in spite of Corona circles around and VCs say that they are open for business – what does it really mean? To find some answers and to help fintech startups, Jone will share insights on what VCs are expecting from fintechs in the new normal.


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